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He Is The One. 8 sings he is the one that you can marry

Just because you both are together, does not mean getting married. not all relationships end in marriage. Every woman wants a relationship full of attention, respect, and love, and every woman searches for this kind of man he gives all the things she wants. When you start searching for a guy you want to married with him, and you find someone but you can stop here your feeling, and can not move forward because of fear. and the fear is, is he is the one I want to marry.

Choosing the wrong person in your relationship is not something to be taken lightly. It can break your heart, it can ruin your life, and your future.

Dot worry I am here to help you, with your selection. Here is some sign that can help you to choose a right partner. if a person has these characteristics, then congratulations you are in a successful relationship. he is the one you can marry.

1. He Respect You

respect is the foundation for a strong and healthy relationship. when you start searching for a man to spend your life with him. start noticing him. does he respect you? does he respect women? does he respect your friends.

If a man really loves you and wants to build a healthy relationship with you, you can respect yourself. he can respect you and respect all the people around you like he respects your friends and family members.
So if you find such a man in which has the characteristic of respect, you reached a correct man. He is the one that can take care of you and can do everything to make you happy.

2. You Feel Safe With Him

Evey woman required a man, he can protect her, and provide her strong security. if you want a healthy and strong relationship you need a man you feel safe with him. if a man truly loves you, he says and does the right things but not according to the rest of the world. according to how to be loved.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, everything is going great and moving in a positive direction but you still find yourself insecure and unbalanced. it means you are with the wrong person.

It is very important for a strong relationship to provide security to one another. So if you can not feel safe with someone it means stop here can not move forward. on the other hand, if you find someone you feel secure with him. it means he is the one that you can marry.

3. You Feel Comfortable

It is important for a healthy relationship to be compatible with one another. the relationship is not about just sex, that’s enough to build a lasting relationship. Do you like at least some of the same things? Can you watch the same movies together? Do you enjoy the same food?

Are he able to get along with your friends and share experience?

If you can not feel compatible with him, that is not a good recipe for a successful marriage. But if you feel comfortable with him and share anything with him without any fear, then congratulation you find the correct man. he is the one you can marry.

4. He Want You To Be Happy

If you want to get married, then look for someone who can make you happy. if a guy says to you that he loves you and wants to get married. but can not do anything to make you happy. so this is a clear sign that he can not serious with you.

On the other hand, if a man really loves you and wants to build a relationship with you, you can do anything to make you happy. they make funny things to make you laugh. When he sees some humor post, he can share it with you on Facebook or Whatsapp to put a smile on your face.

If a man do all these things to make you happy . these are the clear sign that he is the one you can marry.

5. Family Background

Get to know about your partner’s parents. Start noticing his parents, how they interact with each other may give you a clue about your partner will be with you. Do they show love and respect for one another? is it a col marriage?

And if they are divorced, get a sense of how respected they were dealing in divorce. So if your boyfriend is from a happy and respected family. and his parents live a happy life, which means that he keeps you happy.

6. He Forgive You

Can he forgive you when you make mistake? If a guy truly loves you he can forgive you for all your mistakes. when you make a mistake he can say, I forgive you for the way you treat me. I forgive you for not being here for me, I forgive you for not showing the love I needed. if he says, I forgive you because I love you. and I can not stop loving you because you are my heart.

if a guy have the characteristic of forgiveness . this is the sign he is the one you can marry.

7. He Discus Every Thing With You

Can he hide the thing from you? can not he introduce you to family and friends? If a man can hide things from you and keep them secret. it means he can not trust you. and when you tell him to join me with your family or friends, so he starts making excuses. He tells you that he is busy with his office work but he is not busy.

On the other hand, if a man visits you with family and friends. plan a tour with his family and friend and invite you to join him. He can discuss everything with you and can not keep anything secret. its means you are in the right place, he is the one and a complete man for you.

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