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how to be a better wife

How to be a better wife- 18 tips to become a better wife

Marriage is a relationship in which a woman has to make sacrifices and work very patiently. After that, she finds a place in heart of her husband and other family members and she lives his marriage life happily. In the relation between husband and wife, it is very important to understand each other. But the main question is that how to be a better wife? For this woman have to take care of many things. It is not difficult to be a better life if you try with a sincere heart. It takes a many of tolerance and sacrifice. In this article, I’m doing to share with you some tips if you follow them so you can become a better wife.

1. Be a friend with your husband

Be a friend to your husband, treat him well, and share everything with your husband be his friend more than a wife. so that he wants your rewards in everything, everything should be share with you. so it’s a good way to become a better wife.

2. When your husband come home put your mobile phone away

When your husband comes home, put your mobile phone on the side and focus on your husband. Ask him about his day that how his day went and what he did in his office today. Most men do not talk much so you talk to him. Make something special for him that he likes before he come the home. Be well prepared yourself before he comes home so he will be happy to see you and all his tiredness will be gone after seeing you.

3. To be happy when he comes home

When your husband comes home so be happy to see him and welcome him in a full lovely mood. Hug him and take his bag that he will realize that how much she happy is when you come home. Which is a good quality of a better wife. So when your husband comes home and he forgot all his friends to see you and they will feel that he is the luckiest person in the world then its means you are the best wife.

4. Giving time to your husband

Giving time to your husband even in your busy life. Spend some time with him enjoy some romantic moments with him that are special make you stay close and be devoted to your closeness. There will be no demands for anyone but you.

5. Keeping Your husband secrets as a secret

Keeping your husband’s secrets a secret. If he wants to start a business secretly so keep it secret and support him in it. Supporting him in every bad time and being happy in his happiness in good time. Make sure that you are with him in every situation, whether it is good or bad. So when he shares something with you this is the time how to be a better wife so keep his secret a secret and show him that you are a good wife.

6. Planning surprises for your husband

Plaining surprises for your hubby on any good occasion like a birthday or any other occasion to make him realize that he is the one who is special to you. So he will come more closer to you. To be well prepared for him on good occasions and celebrate every happiness of your husband. Which will increase your love in his heart and he will consider himself the luckiest man in the world.
Have a candlelight dinner at night. The night is a time where no one else can accommodate in which both spouses share their feelings.

7. Convince when he is angry

If your husband is angry about something, it is a sign of being a good wife if he is angry about something, you should remain silent. because if both of you talk the situation will get worse and there will be a distance between the two. so to become a better wife it is necessary to be more patient and sacrifice because without this the relationship can not survive.

8. Be a supporter of the husband

Be a supporter of the husband support him in everything, whether it is housework or outside a good wife is a good supporter of her husband. When you support your husband he will be encouraged and his love for you will grow in his heart. which is a great honor for a wife. If you want how to be a better wife so for a better wife you must make yourself a big supporter of your husband.

9. Trusting Your husband

Trust your husband in every situation because without trust any relationship would not move forward. The much important object in every relationship is trust. Therefore trust your husband, a relationship based on trust never breaks down. To be a good wife you need to have strong faith in your husband.

10. Praising someone else

Don’t praise anyone else in front of your husband that my friend’s husband is good etc. Because that is where the fight will start. Say to your husband that there is no one like him. This will make your place in his heart even stronger her heart will be drawn to you.

11. Take care of his family

A big thing is to take care of his family. then he will be happier than anything and he will fall in love with you because family is everything and no one hear or does anything against them. To be a good wife it is necessary to consider his family your family and love them. then there is a place for you in the heart of your husband that will grow.

12. Wife good qualities

The main thing is the good qualities not in the only wife but in every human. No matter you are beautiful or not but the important thing is honesty, compassion, patience, loyalty, and consistency which is a great thing. if you have all these so this makes you beautiful and if you have all that qualities you will be a better wife to your husband.

13. Don’t embarass your husband

Take care of your husband honor be a woman of which he is proud and not ashamed. Take care of your and his status and remember that you are one now and you both have the same status. Only a good wife takes care of her husband’s honor. A respectable wife has a very important place in her husband’s heart.

Just as a woman’s honor is important to her in the same way a husband can also sacrifice his life for the honor of his wife. To become a better wife to your husband and take care of your husband honor everywhere. So that he can walk with his head up not with his head down.

14. Take care of your husband’s choice

In small things like what to cook or what to plan for his holiday. A woman does everything in the house to her liking. Like painting at home or in her room, which color will be good and if you go out in a hotel, you should include your husband’s choice and in all things do everything together. according to each other choice, it will increase love and everything will be done with happiness. The best quality of a good wife is that she takes care of her husband’s choice she will be a good wife for her husband.

15. Respect your husband goals

If he wants to start a business or something else then support him in it. If he wants to achieve something in life, in order to be a good wife, you must be walk step by step with the husband. So he does not need anything else. He will consider himself lucky and his love for you will grow in his heart. When you respect her goals so he will consider himself strong.

16. Give your husband some time

If you both spend most of your time together, there are frequent quarrels. A good wife should give her husband a little space. if he comes home from work, you should wait until he takes a deep breath and fresh up. because he is tired try to let him relax until he speaks.
If there is a complaint or quarrel over something so this is the responsibility of a good wife don’t move the matter further. But give some space to the husband and just by giving the space everything will become normal.

17. In the bedroom

In the bedroom you enjoy both, do not talk outside matters it’s just your time to enjoy with each other. Because no husband likes to destroy his beautiful moments with any worse things. If he is trying to kiss you, hug you or he is in any romantic mood so do not refuse him and be happy even if you do not want to? Because that time if you denied so her feelings will badly die which is a cause of much distance.

So a good wife makes their husband happy and if he is shy then she passes some romantic signals to the husband from which he understands the feelings of his wife. To be a better wife you must try to get close to your husband to win her heart and love.

18. Fight or Seperation

If you both are quarrel by some issue so try to convince each other because the argument is better than separation. There must be a solution to the problem so to become a better wife try to solve every problem by yourself. Because separation is not the solution it will destroy your relationship and can not give you both happiness.


To be a good wife it is very difficult to do the tips I have given above. For this, you require a lot of patience, consistency, loyalty, sacrifices which is a very difficult task. But if your love for your husband is true, then you must try to be a good wife by adopting all these tips.

A woman makes many sacrifices for her loved ones. She sacrifices all her desires for the happiness of her family. A woman is another name for sacrifice, she fights every difficult situation and God gives her a lot of patience.

My reward is that if your husband loves you very much, he supports you in everything. then you must adopt these tips and convince him that his choice is not wrong. And your place in his heart will also increase. I salute all the women who are fighting and sacrifices for their husband’s children and their families.

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