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how to fix a toxic relationship

How To Fix A Toxic Relationship- Tips for fixing it

What isToxic relationship:

A relationship between two people in which they both do not support each other, fight all the time and find opportunities to humiliate each other. This is called a toxic or unhealthy relationship. If you are in a toxic relationship and want how to fix a toxic relationship then read this article up to end.

There are two types of relationships.
Healthy (positive)

A healthy relationship is a relationship in which both partners support each other. They Take care and respect pf each other, show compassion to each other. It does not have to be perfect but in this relationship, the couple supports each other and not imposing their will or desires on the other.

The other type of relationship is called unhealthy or toxic. In a toxic relationship both the lovers do not support each other. In this relationship, almost one person has control over the other. therefore this relationship is emotionally and sometimes physically harmful for one person. Jealousy, competition, conflict, and dishonesty are part of an unhealthy relationship. And a toxic person will always cause mental destruction.

Signs of toxic relationship:

1. Lack of Support

In a healthy or positive relationship both the partners support each other in every situation. They will always support each other in those things on which they become successful because they always want to see their partner successful. While in a toxic relationship a person will not support you even they forbid you to do not do like this. Even in this relationship, every achievement becomes a competition.

2. Lack of trust

Trust is very very essential for every good and strong relationship. There is no relationship to go for long without trust, therefore trust is important for every healthy relationship. In a positive relationship couple trust one another. while in a toxic relationship both or one person of the couple does not trust their partner.

3. Forbiden

In a healthy relationship, your partner will support you Because your lover will be always trusted in you, and you can do whatever you want. While in a toxic relationship your partner will never support you nor trust you. A toxic person will always forbid you from everything you want to do. this person forbids you to do these things and does not do these things, always made issue and be fought with you when you ignore his forbidding.

4. Jalousy

Jealousy is the part of every relationship. sometimes it occurs because of insecurity in love because when your partner loves you soo much and they do not want to share you with others. then this is the sign of a safe and healthy connection.
But when their jealousy is because of your success then this is the sign of a toxic relationship. In a toxic relationship, your partner will never look at your success. Whenever you become successful then they will jealous of you.

5. Will constantly lie

A lie and cheating destroy trust badly. you will never be trusted by those people again who break your trust. Because trust is very important for a long-term relationship. If you are in a healthy relationship then your partner will never tell you a lie. They will always tell you the truth and will not hide anything from you. But if your relationship is toxic then your partner will always tell you a lie and also make excuses for everything.

6. Stress constently

If you are in a toxic relationship your partner will always hurt you and always be creat a situation to give you stress. they will argue and fight with you over everything they will stress you constantly.

7. Respect

Without respect every relationship is meaningless. A good partner who loves you will always respect you whatever you are in a public place and alone. While a toxic person will insult you, in front of people and alone. he will never respect you. They will always use bad words for you.

8. Toxic communication

When your partner loves you so much so his communication is full of love. Every word of his conversation is full of love. While in a toxic relationship most of your conversations are filled with sarcasm, criticism. And because of these things you both avoid talking to each other.

9. Toxic Words (Abuse words)

In a healthy relationship, your partner will always respect you and will use lovely names for you as well as lovely words during a conversation. While in a toxic relationship your conversation will be full of abuse words. A toxic person will be always fighting with you and abuse you.

Is Toxic People Can Change:

Most people are worried about their partner’s toxicity and they think that how to fix their relationship. Now the question is arises here that can we change a toxic person? is this possible to make a toxic relationship healthy? If you want to know the way how to fix a toxic relationship then read my article I am going to share some ways to fix a toxic relationship. Following are the tips to fix your unhealthy relationship.

How To Fix A Toxic Relationship:

1. Accepts your mistakes

For a good relationship, it is most important to accept our mistakes. In a healthy relationship couples compromise with each other, they accept their mistake when they are wrong. While in a toxic relationship only one person of the couple does compromise and the other one is only for making issues and fight. The first toxic relationship reason of conflict is not accepting of mistakes, everyone says that I am right. If you want a good and strong relationship then you must accept your mistake.

2. Say sorry to each other

If you want a healthy relationship then for it, it is most important to accept your mistake and say sorry to your partner. It is not the way that fall you when you apologize to your partner it is the way to save your relationship. If you give importance to ego then the relationship will deteriorate and distance will be created between you. It is important for a good relationship to accept mistakes and do apologize.

3. Give time for change

In a good relationship the couple compromise with each other, when they see a fault in their partner then they give time for a change. A toxic person is very nilled in compromise they want their partner is perfect as like they want. But it is a natural thing that one person is different from another and every human is at least one or more faults. So we can not change a person directly as we like. If you want to change in your partner then you must need to give time for a change. And this can help you to turn your toxic relationship into a healthy relationship.

4. Aggression VS Silence

Every good relationship goes for the long term because in this relation at least one person compromises. For a healthy relationship during the conflict, one person will be always silent. While in a toxic relationship they always da aggression with each other. If you want a good relationship then it is very important for both partners to avoid aggression and keep silent during fights.

5. Don’t break the relationship for a long time

Don’t break the relationship for a long time. Because when you break up for a long time your partner becomes accustomed to being without you and abandons your care. So don’t break your relationship is another way how to fix a toxic relationship, if you break it for a long time that your partner becomes bored and leaves you forever.

6. Do praise of each other

Every person feels happy when you praised them. And this is the way in which we can win the heart of other people. When we like a thing then we praise so when your partner likes he/she will praise you. If you want a healthy relationship and you are worried about your toxic relationship then you must be always praised for your partner’s dress, and say how beautiful he/she looks.

Tell your partner that she is the only one for you in this world, always feel her that how she is beautiful, call her with a beautiful nickname. The girl should also do the same for a healthy relationship.

7. Hide the mistake of one another

Hide each other’s fault is another way how to fix a toxic relationship. Don’t insult your partner in front of people because of a small mistake. Because when self-esteem is hurt then the one who insulted goes down from the hearts. So for a strong and healthy relationship, it is very important to hide the mistake of each other.

8. Give gifts to one another

Giving gifts to each other makes a couple closest, and we always give gifts to our closest person. Giving gifts increase love and also increase respect in the heart of your partner. It is not important to give expensive gifts to your partner just give a rose as a gift in a romantic way. It will keep your relationship healthy.

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