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how to seduce a guy

How To Seduce A Guy | TipsTo Instantly Attract Him

There are a few difficulties at the beginning of every relationship. Because when we love someone he is unaware of this. At first, we can hesitate to talk. We can not express our feelings but gradually we get so close that it becomes difficult for us to imagine ourselves without another one. But here is the question that arises, how can we seduce a guy? How do you do that? Sometimes we seduce him with our words, Sometimes we try physically using body language and dressing as well. This is a difficult task to seduce a man. To incline a guy toward us by our tricks is a wonderful job. In this article, I am going to share some techniques that how to seduce a guy.

Techniques How to Seduce A Guy

To Seduce a guy is a skill. So here are some techniques through which you can do this. Now following are the techniques I share one by one.

1. To seduce a guy through text:

You keep messages him. Every guy who likes you want to hear that you are thinking about him. Write his name in every text because it increases his feeling when you address him by his name. Send him lovely images, Send him good morning and good night messages. Don’t cross the limit too much keep the dirty text for later. Just give hint to him that I take a shower or I am in my bed so he will think the wrong way and imagine you in his mind. Which is a good technique to seduce a guy.

2. Social media:

Modern technology has benefited many relationships In the case of video calls and image sharing. If two partners are separated it is helpful for them. When you both are not with each other, so social media play a great job here. But remember to this for the right person who is sincere with you. Here are some tips which are discussed below that how you can use social media for your relationship.

3. Seduce a guy by video call:

When you are on video call prepare yourself so sexy. Wear a shirt in which you look gorges and sexy. Wear some simple jewelry on your neck which is suited to the neck and his eyes must be seeing that. Make yourself so attractive this will help you to seduce a guy. You have no need of talking your wearing things enough to seduce a guy.

4. Apply lip gloss or lipstick:

Apply lipglosses to any best color lipstick on your lips which enhances the beauty of your lips. Glowy lips are more attractive than simple. Every man likes beautiful and soft lips. Take a photo in which you applying lipstick on your lips in which you look so attractive and beautiful. Take a picture and bit lips which look so sexy. This technique seduces men toward you.

5. Picture in shower towel:

After taking a shower wrapped a towel around your body and take a photo. Send this photo to that guy bur make sure you are not completely dried so he can see the drops of water on your body. And he will see you in his imagination and the dirty thought will come to his mind. This is the best way to seduce a guy.

6. Laying on your bed:

Take a photo when you are lying on your bed. The send this photo to your guy with such a caption.
” whish you were here”
” I feel so bored without you”
” I missing you very much this time”
Send the picture of an empty bed then to see these automatically he will feel restless and this makes him more excited. After seeing this type of caption he will plan dates with you. This is another way to seduce a guy.

7. When you woke up:

When you woke up from sleep so take a photo of yourself and send it to a guy you want to seduce. Because in this look you will look so attractive and romantic. When that guy sees your photo they will be attracted to you.

8. Eyes contact:

There is nothing sexier than eyes contact. Eyes contact can means attraction. When you look in the men eyes this is more attractive than words. When you are with a guy put your eyes in his eyes. It is a beautiful feeling. Keep your eyes on him and look at his whole body from top to bottom. Show him how much you like him.

Eyes express all feelings and this feeling is very sexy. When you look him in his eyes and pass a lovely smile you are giving him more signals to seduce him. This smile touches the strings of his heart. In short eyes, contact is a powerful technique to seduce a guy.

9. How to Seduce a guy with words:

There is no other thing that has as much power as words. It is not necessary to have a physical relationship. Sometimes we have to win even with words. seduce a guy with words is a skill. But how to seduce him with words? If he is not with you make him realize that you would not have a good day without him. You missed him so much. say him that I m thinking about you all the time. Use words that only give hi, signals and he will be attracted to you. This is a great technique to seduce a guy with words.

10. If he touch you:

If your trick is working and he is completely traped in your net. You touch him, tease him but if he touches you or grabbed your hand stop him. He will be more excited. This will also give you an idea of which tricks will be he seduce toward me.

11. Romantic Surprise:

Give the boy a romantic surprise. Wear a beautiful and sexy outfit because dressing makes no sense unless it impresses a man. especially wear a red dress because a red dress is always magical and attractive. Keep your hair in place. Wear high heels. Decorate candlelight the light of which will make you even more attractive, Open romantic music and wait for him with a red rose. To meet him first of all use eye contact and then use the magic of your touch. From this technique, he will definitely seduce you.

My Opinion To All Of My Dearest:

Always choose the right person, don’t make yourself so cheap to lose yourself in it. If you have feelings for someone in your heart. First, try to find out what he and his heart think about you. If he feels good for you so slowly attract him.

Use some tricks to see is he capable of you or not, Do not put yourself in front of him at all. Rather, look at his anguish if he is sincere so apply all the above techniques on a guy to seduce. But be careful it’s just for the right person. A right man makes a person’s life a paradise, but if he turns out to be a bastard he eliminates all the reasons for living, he kills all of your desires. So you should think more and then decide.

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