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No Contact Rule, Does it work to get your Ex Back?

The no-contact rule is the best weapon to get your ex back or move on from a toxic relationship. We can use the no-contact rule for both purposes. If you want to get your ex back then start a no-contact rule it can help you to get your ex. On the other hand, if you want to cut a toxic person from your life or move on from a bad breakup then the no-contact rule can help you.

What Is No Contact Rule

The no contact rule is defined as cutting all communication ways with your ex for a specific period of time. So that both of you and your ex can get some space and spend time apart.
The export set the no contact rule duration from 30 to 60 days. And its include on texting, no phone call, no text messages of any kind, no Facebook message and comments, no targeted status on social media.
Cutting off all the contact with your ex is one of the fastest and effective ways to get your ex back or move on from a painful breakup.

no Contact rule Does It work?

The no-contact rule is one of the most fastest and effective ways to get your ex back. According to a social experiment, a researcher says that 90% of people by adopting these methods, many people have regained their ex back.
the no-contact rule increases the interest of your ex miss you and want to come back. When you start this rule of no contact it means not to respond to any text or sending any text message or phone call to your ex. This suspension and silence for a long time make your ex feel your absence. They will start to miss your presence and start Obsessive to hear your voice. SO this is why the no-contact rule plays an important role to get your ex back.

How To Start It?

If you have a painful breakup, and you want your ex back. The first thing you need to do is to make him feel your absence. For this purpose, you need to stop contacting him/her. The best way to start the contact rule is to just stop contacting them.
If your ex-partner wants to contact you on and off, you should let them know that you want to take some space from them and that you want them to stop contacting you (like phone calls, messages, WhatsApp ) for some time.

Why Is The No Contact Rule Is So Important In Getting Your Partner Back?

The no-contact rule is one of the most fastest and effective ways to get your ex back. The no-contact rule creates a space between the both of you, which convinced you to start thinking about one another. Because before the breakup you both spent a lot of time with each other. and you both have beautiful memories of your relationship. So when you stop contacting, you start thinking about these memories that can remind you of the absence of one another.
Yes, a lot of times when you start the no-contact rule with your ex, this will eventually get your ex back to your doorstep. because when you stop contacting them they stop negative thinking about you and the breakup and start remembering the love you both shared with one another.

Does My Ex Miss Me During No Contact?

Yes, When you cut all communication with your ex and they sit with the reality of their decision to break with you. After a few days of breakup, they again start missing you. They want to contact you again through messages or phone calls.

1. Messages

The message is one of the most common things in today’s time which forces your ex to miss you. Because in today’s time every couple when they start a relationship with each other the first way they talk to each other is messages. At the beginning of a relationship, they chat with one another day and night for hours and hours through messages. But when your ex breaks up with you and you start no contact rules for some time.

After a week or some more days when were when someone messages them the tune of the message directly reminds them of the time when you both chatting with one another for hours and hours with a cute and lovely conversation. When you do not message him/her they start reading the old messages and full of love conversations which deeply forces your ex to miss you. So this is the one proof that your ex misses you during the no contact.

2. Gathering

To stop gathering is the second thing that plays an important role to get your ex back. It is part of the no contact rule, when you start it you can not meet your partner. It means you stop going to the friends gathering where you both face each other.
So when you stop attempting parties and gathering and your ex can not find you at any party. After 2,3 parties your ex starts feeling the absence of you among the friends. After that when they do not enjoy the party without you then your ex starts phone calls and messages to you and tells you please come to the party because they miss you.

Sign That No Contact Rule Is Working

The no contact rule have not the fixed time that works perfectly on these fixed days. Some people say that the no contact rule works after 30 days some people fix their no contact duration for 60 days and some people fix it for 90 days.
When you start no contact rule, after 30 days or before it if you feel the following signs from your ex side then its means that the no contact rule work. This is the time to break it and contact your ex and start your relationship again. But if you do not feel the signs then keep the no contact rule ahead for 60 or 90 days.

1. Your Ex Start Contacting You

The biggest sign that the no-contact rule with your ex is working is that when your ex starts contacting you. They start messages and call you. When you pick up your mobile you get dozen of messages and miss calls from your ex. They send you a long paragraph expressing their deepest feeling for you. That is the sign that your ex miss you and they want to start the relationship again with you. So this is the first sign when you feel it in your ex its means that the no-contact rule works.

2. Your Ex Doing Activities On Social Media

The second sign is your ex-start activities on your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. When you upload a new pic of you on Facebook or Instagram they start positive comments on your post. And they also start tagging or mention you on Facebook’s emotional videos. They also upload his/ her WhatsApp status related to you. When you feel these signs then this is the time to break the no-contact rule and start a healthy relationship again.

3. They Start Meeting With Your Mutual Friends

When your ex spends some time without you and they start missing you and want to restart their relationship. they suddenly start meeting with your mutual friends. They gain knowledge about you. they want to ask your mutual friends that how you are and what you are doing now So if your friend tells you that your ex asking about you then congratulation, your no-contact rule working. When your ex starts asking a question from your friends about you it is a sign that your ex misses you and wants to contact you again.

4. Fear

Fear plays an important role in your relationship after the no-contact. When you both meet after the breakup they are always walking on eggshell during communication. They start respecting your decisions and value you more and more. This is because they do not want to lose you again. This fear of losing you again keeps your relationship more strong and healthy.

No Contact Rule Success Rate

The success rate means of no contact rule that how much people find this way right and helpful for him/her. and how many people get their ex back.
To get your ex back the most effective and fastest way is the no-contact rule. Through a social experiment, 90% of people find this way helpful in restarting their relationship. So you can also apply it for getting your ex back.
In the no-contact rule, you give your ex enough time to think about yourself and your relationship. When he/she realizes that they can not live without you they start contacting you and tell you the reconnecting.

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