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Relationship Advice For Men. Best Advice For Guys

There is a book called “Everything men know about women” which is completely blank. Yes, you heard it right. This book is completely blank. The author did put the stereotype of the society which is that men can never know women. It is because of this I have seen men getting disheartened and don’t prefer talking about the problems they are facing in their relationship. But let me free up some air. It’s not true. Men do know a lot about women.

We do know what women want and what we have to do to ensure their happiness and ours as well. One cannot blindly follow the myth that “Happy wife, happy life”. Let’s not suffocate ourselves by following this quote. Today I am going to mention relationship advice for men. By following these rules, no man would ever have to scratch his head again thinking about what went wrong or what is going wrong in his relationship.

The guy she fell in love with

There was a time when you were very sweet and romantic at the start of the relationship or before the relationship where you wanted her to say yes. This is what I name the honeymoon period. You did your best to make her say yes. You did your best to make her life the best when she said yes. But as time passed, the honeymoon period was slowly getting over. You stopped doing something extra once in a while, stopped being sweet all the time. you stopped giving her surprises. You’re with each other for a very lengthy time. you think it’s not essential. But this is where you are wrong my friend.

Remember why she said yes in the first place. She said yes because you were sweet to her, and you did something extra once in a while. I am not saying give surprises to her every day. Just do something extra once in a while. Take her to a surprise date where you first met. Go with her on a long walk. Hold her hand. Kiss her. buy flowers once in a while. This is not expensive but trust me this is very important. This won’t let the spark die in your relationship. Don’t be dull and be consistent. So, my advice to you men is that be romantic, be the guy she fell in love with.

The patience

Have you ever gone out with your girl shopping? I know we men hate it when they spend hours on some heels and in the end, they don’t even buy it. They will bargain for hours but in the end, won’t buy them. It’s not necessary but your girl might stop at every little thing and click photos. She sees a puppy, she clicks, she sees a cat she clicks, she sees the suns he clicks, the waiter served the food, she has to click first.

This is not it, sometimes you both are right. But you get into an argument without understanding each other’s point of view. Your attitudes might clash. What’s the solution for all this? Patience. Boys learn to be patient. I know she rarely apologizes first. I know she might do annoying things but you love her. don’t make a stupid thing destroy your relationship. Sit with her. talk to her. sort out things peacefully. Tell her what you like and dislike about her. tell her to tell you what she likes, dislikes about you. Give her time, be patient. And remember this quote” It’s you and me vs the problem. Not you vs me”. This is my second relationship tip for men.

The Listening and Asking

Do you know what women likes? The little things. Not something fancy and lavish. They are not with you for that. They want you to ask her about her day. What she did and what she liked about the day. They want you to listen to the gossip about her office colleague or a friend who canceled at the last minute for coffee. Listen carefully to what she says. And remember it. Down the lane on some sunny day when she will be talking and she hears that you remember that little thing about her, she will be happy.

You have made her feel extra loved by just listening and remembering what she said. She knows you care about her. The more specific you get about the little thing you remember about her the happier she feels. Also, she became your wife or better girlfriend after becoming your friend. She is your friend first. You don’t need to talk to her lovey-dovey always. Be that friend and talk to her like you used to talk to her as a friend. Be the shoulder she wants to cry on, be the ears that listen to her. Listen to her problems and give your advice. So, my third advice is; ask, listen and remember.

The Respect and Support

I have seen men who don’t support their women. Whenever she gives an idea, that idea is rejected straight away. Don’t do this. Remember your woman is also human. Your woman is special. She is the best because she chose you. Let her do her own things. Support her ideas. Support when she wants to be independent and start a new small business. Treat her with respect and equality.

Treat her decisions with respect and equality. If you don’t agree with her business plan, talk to her. tell her the cons. Listen to her as well what she has to say about those cons. Always remember she chose you out of a million men out there. It’s your duty to make her feel special as well. You should be her number one fan. Let her participate in a beauty contest if she wants. Allow her to participate in a race. Let her be independent and free. Let her fly and support her to fly even higher.

The part of your gang

We have already talked about that your girlfriend/ wife was your friend first. As she is your friend first, include her in your friend’s gang. Introduce her to your friends. Let them know her and let your girl know your friends. I have often heard that my man spends too much time with his friends. This is that solution. When you make her part of your gang, this problem is solved. Also, you basically define yourself and are a very important part of one’s life. So, when you introduce her to your friends. She feels important. She knows you are there to stay and not just a fling.

The Laugh

Ok, guys, this is a very basic rule; make her laugh. It is a common fact that women love a guy with a sense of humor. A woman prefers a guy who is funny to a guy who is handsome. Laughter is the road that goes straight into her heart. And I know for a fact that guys can make a woman laugh if they want to. So, do your magic, make her laugh. Be the happiness she always tried to find. Your stupid jokes and your way of making her laugh will make her love you more and will build a strong foundation for your relationship.

The Honesty

Another piece of relationship advice for men I can give you is that always be honest. I can’t stress this enough. No matter what the circumstance is, be honest with her. It’s not just for her but for you as well. You see when you are not honest, you build a prison somewhere in you where that secret is kept. And that secret eats you slowly. So, tell her how you feel, share with her what you did. Also, remember that truth is not harsh when spoken sweetly. You know your queen. You know what she likes. Do that gesture and tell her the truth.


Now that I have shared some of the relationships advice, go and act on it. These are not the only advisees like for example, give surprises to your woman, treat her like a queen, don’t make decisions on your own, make her part of your decisions and never take her for granted. By acting on this relationship advice for men your relationship will get saved and your relationship won’t be as hectic as before. You will see that relationships are not complicated. We men make it complicated by not talking or doing what I mentioned in this article. I will take your leave by asking you to “Be loyal, respectful, and be a lover”.

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