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sign your husband hate you

Sign your husband hates you(12 signs he hates you)

Marriage is a beautiful bond in which two people are bound. Marriage is successful when there is love and understanding between the two spouses. Prosperous life after marriage is the wish of every girl. She leaves her home and goes to another house, So her only wish is that her partner will keep her with love. and take care of her happiness.

But if she does not get all this, she breaks down and does not adjust to this house. Love and hate can never be hidden. A person’s love is measured by his way. but on the other hand, there is some sign that indicates that your husband hates you. So in this article, I am going to share some signs your husband hates you.

1 Fighting with you all the time:

An obvious sign that your husband hates you is that he will argue with you all the time. He will scold you for everything and will shout for no reason. And he will make you feel that you have no special place in his life. He will not be bothered by your pain and will not speak properly.

2 Raise His Hand On You And Abuse You:

If a man loves you he can not see you in any kind of pain. He can not Torture you especially in front of his family and others. If he does not interested in you so, he will torture you, and raise his hand on you everywhere can not see there is anybody else. His attitude is abusive, they treat you like you are a servant, not his wife. You can not found any space in his life.

A woman can forget everything, but she never forgets the things that insulted her. So this is the great sign your husband hates you.

3 He Will Not Impressed You Nor Will He Want Your Attention:

A good and loving husband will try to impress you. He will dress well and will do whats you like. But if he is not interested in you so he will not take care of what you like or dislike. Nor will he ever care for you. If you wear the best dresses with makeup he does not see you by the eyes of love like such a loving husband. He will not impress you nor will he want your attention. So its means that he is not interested in you anymore. This is another sign your husband hates you.

4 He Has No Time For You:

He will not have time for you and will spend more time outside with his friends. When he comes home, he will ignore you even if you pay more attention to him. Your husband will ignore you and if you ask him to take some time for himself, He will get angry with you and behave in a way that makes it clear that this relationship can not go anymore. If your husband can not give you time this is an obvious sign that he is no longer interested in you.

5 Use Of Mobile Phone:

When your husband is at home or in the bedroom and he constantly using his mobile phone it is a sign your husband hates you. He ignores you and not paying any attention to you even if you are talking to him. So this is the sign he hates you.

6 Do Not Support You In Front Of His Family:

They will not support you in front of his family. They will not even try to find out who is at fault and on the contrary, they will scold you which will cause your embarrassment, he raises his hand on you in front of his family. Which will give the family even more courage to torture you. This is an obvious sign that shows clearly that your husband hates you.

7 He Can Not Wish You On The Special Occasions:

On your birthday or any other special occasion like your marriage anniversary or other special moments of your life, He can not wish you in a lovely way like a loving husband even he not remember your birthday.

Your husband can not plan any surprise for your birthday which is a special day for you. In marriage life, every couple celebrates every moment and makes it special. If your husband does not take any interest in it so it’s a sign your husband hates you.

8 Night Dates:

If your husband can not love you so he will be not interested in any types of dates and romance. First of all, he can not plan any dates, if there is a chance so he reacts like a normal. He did not become so romantic even he does not touch you. On night dates where the soules of the lovers meet to make you feel bored. So this is the sign that he is not interested in you. And he can not want to grow up in this relationship anymore. It shows you that your husband hates you.

9 No Effort In The Marriage:

The relationship between husband and wife is such that it only moves forward if there is love between them. Only a person will not support you every step of the way if he does not loves you. If a person does not take any interest in you He will not be interested in this marriage, and not be consulting you in any work nor will take your opinion.

The work that you have to do together, will have to be done by you alone. He will not consider this marriage as marriage. Marriage is between two people if none of them are sincere, then this relationship will not last long. If your husband can not show any effort in the marriage so this is a great sign which shows you that your husband hates you.

10 No Respect For You:

A loving husband will respect you. He will take care of your honor in front of everyone. But if your husband does not respect you, he will disrespect you in front of everyone. And also give her a chance to disrespect you. A woman can live with a man who does not have wealth, but she does not live with a person who does not respect her.

11 If You Annoy He Does Not Care:

If you are annoyed with him for something he will not convince you. It will not matter if someone is annoyed with him or not. Nor will he be worried that you are annoyed with him nor he treats you with love like kiss you or hug you. Rather he will not care about your annoy. Instead, a loving person then is restless until he convinces you so if he does not care about your feelings so this is a big sign that your husband hates you.

12 Blame You For Every Relationship issue:

He will blame you for everything that happens in your relationship. Your partner will say that everything is happening because of you. And will hold you responsible. For every fight even though he will start everything himself and then say you are responsible for everything. So when he starts blaming you this means he hates you.

In The Last

Every girl wants to live a happy life after marriage. Husband and wife have a relationship up to the soul. They are each other clothes. They support each other in every good and bad time and solve every problem together.

A loving partner is the desire of every girl because marriage is a relationship that is incomplete without love and respect. If these two things are not in a relationship so it does not last long. If your partner is not sincere with you and puts you in pain, it is better not to have such a partner. It will give you nothing but pain. You have also the right to live your life happily.
The most important thing is your own happiness and self-esteem. If that person hurts you then by living without him it is good to be separated from them. Always choose the right person if you ever feel it is not right for you so move on you have every right to live.

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