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Signs A Coworker Likes You ( 6 signs of attraction at work)

It is a common thing that if a male and female spend a lot of time together there must be a bond creates that is called love. And no one can not hide his love because from some signs we make our self sure that the person loves me. So here we discussed the signs a coworker likes you.

An office is a great place where we spend the most time doing office work. In the workplace, we get thousands of persons who become our good friends. But in these friends for someone, we feel more than a friend. But first, make it clear that is my coworker like me? Because sometimes a person just helping us anyway and we get misunderstood. And this thing sometimes badly hard us when we understand someone’s sympathy as love.

During In-office work, you spend hours with your coworker. You both doing the office assignments up too late nights. These lait night assignments and sharing of hours time can quickly lead you both to a serious relationship.

So if you are confused that does my coworker have a crush on me or does he/ she has sympathy with me. In this article, I’m showing some signs a coworker likes you or not.

signs a coworker likes you

1. His/ Her Body Leanguage:

Body language is the first sign from which you can easily notice your coworker that he/she is in love with you or not. It is a general thing in each human that the mind control body so if there is a person in the mind so the whole body move accordingly. So his/ her movements show you the feelings of your coworker.

So in general when they face you he/she will directly lower his eyes, this shyness is a sign a coworker like you. When they meet you they will stand in front of you with a lot of respect. so this body language shows you that a coworker likes you.

2. Eyes contact:

Eyes contact is the beginner part of a relationship. Every relationship starts with eyes contact, so when a couple reads one another’s eyes that one of them moves ahead. And then they start a relationship.

This is the same in this situation. If your coworker trying to make eye contact with you it means he/she wants a relationship with you. If a person likes you he always looks into your eyes . he makes excuses to sit in front of you and make eye contact with you, they always want to catch your eyes. And when you look at them he/she smile back at you. So these are signs a coworker likes you.

3. He/ She will try to talk to you:

There are a lot of reasons a coworker talks to one another about the office work. But if someone talk just to only to you in all office it sign your coworker has feeling for you.

They always looking for excuses to talk to you. He/she will talk things to you that are not comparable to office work. If your coworker likes you they will talk to you about his/her personal things. They take your opinion about the thing when he/she doing something. They always tell you to meet outside the office in a cafe to talk for a long time. Where there is no one but you and me. these are the signs a coworker likes you, if you notice these signs in your coworker you can go ahead with that person.

4. They become jealous when you talk to another coworker:

According to my opinion if there is no jealousy in a couple there is no love. like if one partner gives more time to the other instead of the person who is in a relationship with and you both do not mind it, So it means you are not taking one another serious. How you can share one another with other people. This is why jealousy is necessary for the relationship, I mean it keeps you both together.

So for the coworker’s judgment if want to note that is he/she in love with me or just helping me. It is the main thing to note. He/ she will get jealous when you go to other coworker’s cabins and talk to other coworkers even if you both are talking about the office work. So note your coworker if he/ she gets jealous when you talk to others then these are signs a coworker likes you.

5. They want to meet you alone:

If a coworker has a feel for you and he/she want to start a relationship with you they always are trying to meet you alone. They always are sitting with you in an office meeting. Your coworker trying to meet you outside the office so for this he/she always forcing you for coffee. So if your coworker doing these things, these are signs of attraction at work.

In a healthy relationship, this is a common thing that you will always want to meet your partner alone. If your partner including the third person as a friend in both of you, so this will highly disturb you. Because you do not want anyone to be there in both of you. Most of the relationship breaks because of the third person when one of you ignores you because of the third one so this breaks your relationship. And your healthy relationship turns into an unhealthy relationship.

6. He/ She will ask you about your personal things:

In the office, every person does his duty And coworkers spend a very busy day with one another. So if someone gives you some time and discusses everything with you in his busy day, so it is the sign a coworker is attracted to you or likes you.

Asking you about your personal thing is another sign that shows you that a coworker likes you. They will ask you what are you do after office time, How many siblings you have, What is your father’s job, you are single or not, what your qualification. So if your coworker asked these personal questions from you it means he wants to start a relationship with you. And these are the signs your coworker has feelings for you

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