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signs of an unhealthy relationship

signs of an unhealthy relationship/ 8 signs of a toxic couple

At the beginning of every relationship, the couple is excited about their relationship. They meet one another daily, they are chatting at the late-night, They send one another the good morning and good night messages. At the start of a relationship they going on dates and getting to know each other. They plan parties with friends and spend maximum time with one another. So this is the type of safe and healthy relationship. In a healthy relationship, couples take care of one another and give respect to one another decisions.

But in every relationship, a time comes that both the partner lose interest in each other. From here his healthy relationship turn into a bad relationship slowly with time. They do not meet for days and weeks. They do not give proper respect and time to one another. This can leads to depression and overall loss of self-worth. Sometimes people can not sure that his relationship is healthy or not. In this article, I m show you signs of an unhealthy relationship. what does a healthy relationship look like? And show you that your relationship is healthy or not.

1. Name Calling

A healthy relationship can not directly turn into an unhealthy relationship. If anyone thinks that it turns in minutes or in days then they are wrong, every change takes time. So it is the same here a healthy relationship takes time to turn into an unhealthy relationship. In a safe relationship, the partners call one another with beautiful names like babe, sweetheart, my doll, my heart, my king, etc. But when your partner calls you with your name it is a bad sign, it means your partner starts losing interest in a relationship. He losing the excitement about the relationship, which they take at the start of a relationship.

2. They Will Keep You Away From Family And Friends

At the start of a relationship both the boys and girls want to introduce their partners with their family and friends. Your partner takes you to his friend’s parties and invites you to family functions. But when your partner starts trying to keep you away from his friends and family so this is a bad sign of an unhealthy relationship. When your partner starts planing parties without you and not invites you to the family events he/she wants to show you that you’re not very important in his life. So keeping you away from friends and family is another sign of an unhealthy relationship.

3. Blaming You

Blaming you is another sign of a harmful relationship. When your relationship reaches a point where your partner wants to get rid of you they start blaming you. This is the most common sign of a toxic relationship. When your relationship becomes unhealthy your partner starts blaming you for the things and actions that you have not done. Blaming you for no reason is also included in the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

4. Ignoring You

If you are in a relationship with an unhealthy man and you do not sure that your partner does not truly love you and use you just for his needs. Then start observing your partner and focus on his words and action. In a healthy relationship, the partners take care of one another and give time to one another. while This does not happen in the case of an unhealthy relationship.

In a healthy relationship, the partner can not ignore you if there are a thousand chances available for him/her. Your partner always chooses you over the thousands and can not ignore you. But if your partner can not give you proper time and he/she ignoring you then it means he hates you and you are not in a healthy relationship. If your partner starts ignoring you it is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship.

In an unhealthy relationship, the partners always ignore one another and give importance to other people over his lover. They share everything about their daily life with other friends instead of the person who loves them. So after your observation, you notice that your partner ignores you so this is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship.

5. Emotional abuse

Abuse is the way to control another person or isolate another person. There are many types of abuse like physical abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is one of the hardest types of abuse, in this people use emotion to criticize, shame, embarrass or blame another person. Emotional abuse mostly occurs with a romantic partner.

If you want to examine your own relationship that it is an emotionally abusive relationship or not. Here are some signs that show you that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

  • If your partner making unreasonable demands from you it means you are in an unhealthy relationship.
  • Demanding you to spend all the time together put everything aside and meets to their needs.
  • insulting you , and always rejecting your thoughts and ideas.
  • isolating you from his family and friends zone.
  • They always want immediate response from call or texts.

These are the signs of a bad partner that show you that you are in an unhealthy relationship. If you notice these signs in your partner leave the relationship if possible, and make it clear that it is over, and don’t look back.

6. Your Partner Pressure You To Do What They Want

Every healthy relationship works on the basis of trust, care, and mutual respect. In a healthy relationship both the partner have the right to do what they want and not to do what they don’t want. But if your partner pressuring you to do something and it is against your wishes, this is the sign of an unhealthy relationship.

They use some tactics to under pressure you, like telling you that if you loved me you would do it, or tell you if you don’t do it I will kill myself. So when your partner starts pressuring you and tell you to do what your partner wants. it is a bad sign in a relationship it means you can not go forward with one another anymore.

7. Some time they break things

At the beginning of the relationship both the partners take care of one another. In a healthy relationship, if sometimes any one of them does something wrong the other one ignores and doesn’t get angry. but if you are in an unhealthy relationship your partner gets angry for small things. And when they get very angry they throw or break things to relieve themselves of that anger.

It is okay for a person to feel angry but it is not okay to break things or throw things over another person. there are healthy and safe ways to express their anger like boxing, exercise, or playing other games. But if you are in a relationship where your partner gets angry over small things and then he wents his anger on you. They break things that belong to you and blame you for the situation that they create. Then it means you are with an unhealthy partner you just need to leave him alone.

8. Insecurity

Insecurity is a feeling which comes from our thinking. Every person feels a little unsure at times. As humans, we constantly think all the time, and our maximum thoughts can be filled with doubt. And these doubts can lead us to thoughts of insecurity. And the insecurity leads us to other problems in any relationship.

Insecurity is normal in a love relationship because when a person loves you they are afraid to lose you. so when they see you with another person they feel insecure from that person they start thinking about this and they constantly think about that. and they reach one point and the point is that they would snatch his partner from them and leave them alone.

But if the insecurity would reach a point where your partner starts allegations on you when they see you with other people. Or making bad comments on you or start to humiliate you, And when they start criticism on everything then this is the sign of an unhealthy relationship. In fact, relationship counselors found that repeated criticism is the only greatest predictor of divorce. So insecurity also includes in the signs of an unhealthy relationship.


Above are the toxic relationship symptoms if you find these toxic signs in your relationship it means you are in an unhealthy relationship. So when you find your relationship unhealthy now there are two choices available for you. Number one is that try to convert your unhealthy relationship into a healthy one. But if you can not do it then leave this toxic relationship and move forward in your life.

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