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signs she is secretly attracted to you

Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You

What is secret love and what are their signs. In this article, I am going to solve your problem to know about a girl that is secretly attracted to you? You know the signs she is secretly attracted to you.

Secretly love or attraction secretly love is that in which a girl loves a guy and he doesn’t know about her feelings. Even she also doesn’t know that what is her feelings and why she doing that. I wanna discuss some signs of sincerely love to know about it very well. I hope it can make your problem easier. I’m sharing some signs below.

1. She will be text you first if she interested in you:

We all know that very well that social media is very important in today’s world. We all are texting each other by Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, and make friends and chat with them and spend a good time with them talking. There fore social media is matters a lot.

In this world, we all have a misconception that a girl never texts a guy first. But today I’m going to shock some boys that they can text you first and believe me it is true. So if a girl text you first its means she feels interested in you. I know many girls casually text a guy but she will be don’t care about you. If a girl text you first its means she likes you she wants to talks to you. therefore she texts you first and this is the sign to show that a girl is interested in you.

2. She will be texting you alot:

If a girl secretly loves you she will be texting you the full day even every time she is texting you. She will send you a good morning and good night text message every day. To go long conversation with you she will always feel comfortable chatting with you. She is up at night chatting with you and always pretending for talking to you and always enjoys texting you. It means She likes you and secretly loves you that is why she is doing it so much.

Your lover is frequently updating you on what she is doing and also will ask about your daily activities. She will keep a record of your every moment. These are the signs she is secretly attracted to you.

3. She will be waiting for your call and texts anxiously:

Nowadays every person is so busy in their life. We don’t like to talk over the phone especially girls who don’t like to talk to a guy. She always avoids talking with guys But if a girl talking with you on phone and waiting for your calls and messages then she is definitely interested in you. It is a hint for you that she secretly likes you when she is telling you that she was waiting for you to text her or call her.

4. she will be wait to meet you:

Girls always stay away from meeting boys, because they have scare of giving incorrect signals. But when a girl waiting for you to meet you its means she is attracted to you and likes you. Guys always asking a girl to meet him and she always refuses. But the girl never asked a guy to meet her. She is waiting for you to meet her it is the means that she secretly loves you and takes the most interest in you. So it is the sign she is secretly attracted to you.

5. She will not mind any thing:

Generally, we don’t free with anyone nor tolerate every type of conversation. Especially girls, they avoid talking with guys. and don’t like to. talk freely with boys but if she enjoys your conversation and doesn’t mind your every talk and over-laugh at your jokes its means she is interested in you.

6. She will be talking about porsonal life:

Generally, we don’t discuss personal life with any random person. especially girls are very secretive they don’t share their life or personal relationship with others. But when a girl shares these things with you its means she is totally interested in you and she wants to know about you and also wants you to know about her. She will be must ask you who was in your life and what is your life story?

When a girl is interested in you she will be not only talking about her life she will be also interested in your life. She will also ask about your friends, family, etc. So if a girl asking a lot about your life its means she is attracted to you.

7. She will care for you:

Without any reason, we don’t care about everyone. Girls are considered caring in nature but it is not true at any point. Every girl is not caring for guys. When a girl is attracted to you she will take care of you. Her behavior will be always caring for you. She will be careful about your choice like she will ask you what to wear and will be always worried about your health. When you notice these signs in a girl its means she is attracted to you and secretly loves you.

8. If she freely shares her feelings with you:

When we are attracted to someone then we want to share our feelings with that person. Especially girls don’t share their feeling with everyone. So if a girl sharing her feeling with you its means she is attracted to you and she trusts on you and take interest in you. When a girl sharing her feelings with you its means she feels comfortable with you and secretly loves you.

9. She will be trying to get close with you:

In general life we don’t close with anyone, we don’t feel comfortable with anyone. Therefore everyone has one close friend who shares everything with him/her. Especially girls are soo choosy they don’t share anything with someone. If a girl says you for friendships means she is secretly attracted to you and wants to get close with you. So if this type of girl is in your life then my friend don’t miss a chance. Because she is attracted to you and hidly loves you and she wants to marry you.

10. She will look at you secretly:

If you are confused and looking for signs, that how you will know that she is secretly attracted to you? So there is another sign on which you easily know that she is interested in you. When a girl takes interest in you then she will be looking at you secretly even if you are not looking at her. Whenever you go she will follow you and put her eyes on your every activity. If a girl doing these things then she wants a relationship with you.

11. Face expression and dressing:

The face is the mirror of the brain, we can easily know the feeling of a person by his face. When a person angary and we look at his face then we immediately say oh the guy is angry. Similarly, happiness and sadness are also express by face. It means we can also measure a person is interested in me or not by his/her face. So if a girl is interested in you look at her face if she is happy with you and feels shame it means she likes you.

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