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why do people break up

Why do people break up? ( 16 reasons for break up)

A relationship is between two people. It goes beyond love, loyalty, sincerity, trust, and honesty. If this does not happen in a relationship, then they have a lot of problems. If there is a slight misunderstanding, then there is a difference between the two lovers. Here The question arises to the mind that why do people break up?

Break up means the relationship is over /finished between the couple. This is a very difficult stage for both partners who are in a relationship. But the difference between them grows so much that causes a breakup. There are many reasons why a healthy relation breaks down.

Reasons why do people break up

1. No trust in a relationship:

If there is no trust in a relationship, and the partners do not trust each other and do not share their personal things with each other. Then distance is created between them because every relationship is maintained due to trust and confidence. If it is not in a relationship, it does not last long. So if there is no trust in a relationship this is the main cause of the break-up.

2. No understanding between partners:

In a relationship, it is important for both to understand each other. And to know about the nature of each other. Only then they will have a good time with each other. It is necessary to understand each other’s moods. Which things make you and your partner happy and which things make you both sad. So if there are not all of these so this is why people break up.

3. Can not giving time to each other:

The most expensive gift is to give someone is your time. If you are busy with your work or another thing, and you love someone so you must give some time to your loved one. Every living couple only needs some time to spend with each other and express their feelings.

Giving time to each other increases your understanding level and gets you both much closer to each other. On the other hand, if you both have no time for each other so the distance between you and your partner increase. And finally, you are both will able to live without each other. So this is also the main reason couples break up.

4. To deceive/ betrayal:

Loyalty is the strongest foundation of a healthy relationship. If the partner fails in loyalty the relationship does not come back to where it started. Betrayal is a big reason for a relationship due to which break up happens.

5. Behavior changes:

It is true that love changes the person who causes your happiness becomes disgusted with you. In the beginning, they give you a lot of happiness but now they do not feel the need to do all this. You will notice for yourself that until yesterday he/she care for you, today does not care about anything like I used to do. Their tone has changed, their way of talking has changed. When love and attraction in a relationship are gone, So these behavior changes become the cause of the break-up.

6. Lack of physical feelings:

Physical intimacy plays an important role in keeping two partners together. In a healthy relationship, couples kiss each other, touch hugging, etc. This enhances their love for each other. But if they do not want to sitting and sleep together, or in both one is want to increase the relationship. But the other pushes back so this will be difficult to stay more in this relationship.

Sex is the symptom of love which shows the level of love and without these feelings, the relationship can not grow anymore and become the cause of the breakup.

7. Unwarranted anger:

If you are stressed because of your work or any other reason, and when you come home and vent your all anger on your loved one. This is very inappropriate behavior. it has a very indecent influence on the relationship. If You are in whatever mood you are in but for a moment hug your loved one and meet your love in a good mood.

If you are angry with your loved ones then this is the big reason why do people break up. Because your partner also waits for you all day. and when you come home and get them the anger reward of waiting all day, this will break their heart. because anger destroys everything this is the main cause of the break-up.

8. There is no support:

In every relationship, both partners support each other whether is at home or outside. They both support each other in every situation. But if no one supports this relationship or does not embrace this relationship wholeheartedly it will not move forward. If your partner is involved in any problem of life, then you should support him. If both of them do not have the spirit of supporting each other so this is a big reason for your break up.

9. Happiness is not found:

If there is a lot you do for your relationship but still you do not get happiness from your partner, This is the time to move on.

10. Jealousy:

Jealousy destroys trust in a relationship. Jealousy causes arguments between the two partners. Especially when a jealous person asks straightforward questions to the other. Jealousy causes distance in a relationship when you are talking to someone or sits down your partner will be jealous. They start abusing you and that person then you will feel shame. This is why jealousy is a big reason of break up.

11. No dating:

If you have been in a relationship for a long time but still sometimes going for a date is good for your relationship. Going on date increases love between you both and you share your heartfelt thoughts with each other. If you both are not giving time to each other and do not going on dates so it will affect your relationship.

12. Don’t plane for future:

Both partners plan their future what to do in the future. they share all their dreams with each other and they work together to fulfill all their dreams. Both of them are proud of each other. But if they do not share their desires with each other. If they do not see their future with each other. then there is no love in the relationship and both of them imagine themself separate from each other. They living the same room as a roommate not as a loving couple. When the two do not see each other in the future, how can this relationship be maintained? This is why do people break up.

13. Break up lines:

There are many reasons to break up. First, you are in a relationship but sometimes people come to such a stage that the break up is the solution for them. It is very difficult to tell your love that it’s over, it’s hard to finish. It is very painful to say or hear these words.

  • We can not live in this relationship any more we must end here.
  • We are good friends, nothing more than that, which is a very painful word.
  • I am Not ready to be with you.
  • we are very different from each other.

14. Break up advice:

It is a very difficult step to get out of this trauma. Because it is very difficult to forget the person with whom you have spent a lot of time. But it is also important to get out of this trauma. Because the whole life can not be spent in sorrow and with someone’s memories. Time is the healer of every wound. Which slowly heals the whole wound. there is some advice with which you can easily move on.

  • Give yourself some space.
  • Keep yourself busy so you don’t have time to think about anything.
  • Talk to your family and friends.
  • Don’t use any drugs or alchohol to get rid of your friend.
  • Don’t have any contact with him/her on social media.

15. Break up captions:

Remember it will sometimes remind you of your ex. when you read it you will be ready to listen to what your heart says. But on the other hand, it will make you stronger. Sometimes it will be a medicine for your pain that you are not the only one with whom this has happened. There are many people who are in this pain or have passed away. Some break-up captions are given below.

  • Don’t cry for someone who does not value your tears.
  • Eventually the relationship broke down.
  • don’t waste your time on those who do not have its value and will not give you back what you deserve.
  • There is a reason for everything that happens in your life. and the more you hurt the stronger you become.
  • I want to move on.

In The Last

If any of the above reasons are present in your partner. First, try to correct him with your love but if he/she does not come to you then it was not yours. the relationship with such a person is over. It is better because it will give you nothing but pain.

Don’t let it overwhelm you after the relationship is over. It’s very difficult to move on, but time forgets everything. Life does not end with a breakup with someone. you having a life to live for yourself and your family.

If that person is not in your life so the life has not stopped. Enjoy your life be confident. Enjoy parties with friends which helps you to forget and move on.

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