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why is he ignoring me

Why Is He Ignoring Me ( 7 Signs He Ignore You)

Every relationship whether it is love, friendship, or any other is successful only with love, sincerity, loyalty, attention, and care. if you do not pay attention or ignore it creat a bad mood in a relationship. Which leads to long distances. When your boyfriend starts ignoring you, here a question arises in your mind that why is he ignoring me? Did I do something wrong? Or did he wants to get rid of me.

There are a lot of reasons some positive and some are negative. Ignorance is a poison that destroys a relationship between two people. When someone loves you and suddenly he starts ignoring you, the thoughts will come to your mind about why is he ignoring me. Sometimes these thoughts make you completely sick. So in this article, I’m going to share some of the reasons why he ignoring you.

Reasons Why Is He Ignoring Me

1. Texting:

If a guy is not answering your text he may be busy. If he replies to you one or two hours later so it’s normal. Because he also has his own work due to which he reply you late. And for that, he will apologize that he got late due to his busy schedule. Which will not bother you either and you will not have wrong thoughts like that why he ignored me? Why did he reply me late? and so on.

But on the other hand, if he replies to you after two or three days or some time he takes weeks then ask him a reason, if he still ignores it, it means something is going wrong in your relationship. He does not want to further this relationship which is a very shocking thing. He can not want to live or chat with you anymore. So this is the main reason why a guy avoids you suddenly.

2. Relationship with someone else:

A relationship with someone else is another reason a guy avoiding you suddenly. Due to someone else, he starts avoiding you suddenly. Until yesterday he can not spend a little time without you, but now he does not text you for days and weeks, and nor he has time to meet you. Because he is in contact with someone else, which is a very bad thing for your relationship. When the third person is a cone in your relationship, So it is very difficult to regain your relationship. Because he is in contact with someone else and you have no more place in his heart and life.

So if you notice that he is ignoring you due to the other person, so talk to him. After that, if he ignoring you so, it is better for you to go away from that type of person. who has no value of your tears, love, and feelings? So this is why he is ignoring you.

3. Body language of a guy:

When a guy loves you he will spend a lot of his time with you. His body language clears everything that how much he loves you. Smile on his face every time special when he is with you, He wearing dressing nicely. Some time he hugs you, kiss you when he is in a happy mood which is a great sign of love and makes the relationship stronger.

When he is with you he can not want any interference in his lovely moment. But on the other side, there is a lot of things which we understand by personal behavior. A lot of things which we understand from the body language of a person which have no need of any talks.

When a guy meets you but doesn’t pay attention to you, even though he is with you but his thoughts are not with you. If you touch him he does not feel like a loving person. The person will not touch you, hug you, but if you talk romantically or touch him in return he will ignore you or they try to change things. The reason may be positive maybe your lover is shy. But try to find out the reason that why he behaves like that, if he does not want you so go ahead. Because with such a person it only hurts you. When some avoid you for no reason so move on in your life don’t stop your life for someone who has no feeling for you.

4. Hearing Something wrong about you:

In every relationship, many people try to create misunderstandings among them. Who’s believe in the words of others then they will lose their loving relationship. If he doesn’t listen to others so he saved his relationship. If the boy hears something wrong about you from others like she is in contact with other boys, or they telling bad about your character, etc. So he gets mentally disturbed, That is why he starts ignoring you.

5. Ignoring you due to his family:

If his family is not accepting your relationship and his family wants to have his relationship with someone else. then he starts ignoring you, he does not want to go against his family so would like to stop this relationship here. On the other side maybe he ignores you for something good. Maybe he needs some time to convince his family. He will ignore you for both reasons one is negative and the other is positive. When you talk to him and ask him so you will know that what he wants, why he avoids you suddenly? Family opposition is the reason for ignorance.

6. Jealousy:

When a guy sees you with other friends or someone else he gets jealous. Because he can’t look at you with any person else. So when you meet your friends and you give them more time then he starts ignoring you and pretends he does not care. Jealousy is the reason a guy avoids you. And this is why most people break up.

7. Give him some space:

Do you message too much? Are you calling more? Do you talk too much and don’t letting him work? You cling to him all the time. He wants a little space that is why he starts ignoring you to take a little breath. This is not a big deal, nor does it mean that the relationship between you two is over. It is just that when two people spend a lot of time with each other texting, calling, and talking all the time then they get bored of each other quickly. So this is the best way to give some space, which is better for your relationship. this is also the top reason why he avoiding you suddenly.

8. He does not love you:

If you both are in a relationship and you want your boyfriend very much but he does not look at you from that point of view you are just a friend to him. When he notices that you love him or you feeling more than a friend for him so he starts ignoring you. Because he can not want to hurt you, He doesn’t feel any lovely feelings for you. You are just a friend to him and not more than a friend. he does not love you that is why he stays away from you. A guy can not want to hurt your feelings. If he spends maximum time with you so your expectation will increase with time which is painful for you. This is the other reason why a guy avoids you suddenly.

My reward

There are thousands of reasons why a guy ignores you. Some of them I have discussed above. There are some positive and some negative reasons because that someone ignores you. If a guy ignores you, sometimes it’s good for you, because he ignores you due to some problems. but if he ignores you for no reason and wants to get rid of you, So its means he does not have any feeling for you. You must talk to him and ask him for the reason. If he still ignores you then it is foolish to spend the rest of your life with such a person. End this relationship on time and move on. It will take some time to recover but time heal every wound and maybe better wait for you.

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