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why relationship fails

Why Relationship Fails. ( Some reasons for the breakup)

A relationship is the connection of two people who regard and behave toward each other. A good relationship makes a life trusty and bright a lot of happiness between aspirants having no ending spot. When a person gets started its relation firstly, they inspire each other, fall in love, promises with each other. But due to a little misunderstanding this relation breaks.
There are too many reasons which break a relationship. Following are some reasons why a relationship fails.



Loss of trust/lack of trust is a dangerous factor, It affects any relation. When the two couples love each other but they don’t trust one another so that’s why a relationship is not going anymore. Trust is the main point to keep your relationship endless. Sometimes it happens because of your misconception and to avoid these mistakes for a better relationship. Never think negatively about your partner. If there is no trust between partners so this relationship always fails.

Whenever you bond in one relation so trust each other and compromise with each other. Not being honest can ruin any relationship because if you are discovered. Trust will be lost and this will be lead to a breakup, fights, and possible estrangement within the relationship.


The main point is time and it naturally happens .when you don’t give time to your partner it can break your relationship because when it comes to a loving relationship so it is the most important point. if you give the time more it will be bright but if you cannot give the time to the relation obviously it will get down. if you do not give time to one another and do not understand each other this relationship ends.

When two partners give time and understand each other this relation is always growing up, because when couples time spend together .so they understand each other.


In a relationship, the most powerful thing is respect because respect moves the relationship to a very pleasant environment. If there is no respect between the relation it means the relationship doesn’t exist anymore. Because when you start a relationship with someone, you love each other more. You give time to each other you respect each other. This relation is always growing forward. But when you do not give respect to each other so in this reason a lot of relations fails.

For a better relationship, you need to understand one another. Compromise, tolerance, no make an issue of any, matter, respect each other in front of people. When you follow this way your relationship always grows up. It is not only necessary to respect the male but also respect the female. Respect should not be taken into account, big or small, but everyone should be respected, big or small.


this happens naturally and voluntarily when you are in a bad mood and you throw it at your partner. This should not happen, we all have a bad day. But it will ruin the relationship if we do not know how to control our anger so they destroy a relationship. Anger is a positive thing but if we use it for the right places. But when you use it for the wrong place it destroys relations. So in a relationship, use it for the right way not for the wrong way.


When you are not affectionate to the person who loves you .eventually they will stop asking for affection. after being rejected enough times.he/she feel too ashamed to ask and because between couple love is not so this relation is not growing and, lots of problems creating In between them. So this is another reason why a relationship fails.

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